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About Us

What Makes Us Different?

Our team is comprised of highly trained physical therapists, like Dr. Robert Burns, who founded DPT Athletics and our subsidy, Novi DPT, who are focused on orthopedic physical therapy.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is not only educational but it is comfortable for our clients. DPT Athletics works to train new physical therapists with local schools and teach them our alternative approach to the “assembly-line” treatment centers.

Our Services

What’s Your Sport?

Roller Derby

DPT Athletics has worked with roller derby leagues across the state for over a decade.


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Why Choose Us

DPT Athletics Community

At DPT Athletics Community, our goal is to make sure that everyone has access to expert-level physical therapy services, especially those in underserved communities and the uninsured.

Founded in June 2019 the 501c3 non-profit was formed under the mission of connecting communities to resources and improving quality-of-life. We are not only committed to providing physical therapy services but also mentorship to both youth and young adults, clinical education and research opportunities, the latter through our university partners. We believe everyone should have access to these vital services, don’t you?

Expert Physical Therapists

Meet Our Team

Kwesi Easley

Kwesi Easley


Physical Therapist


What People Are Saying

Dr. Burns and his entire staff made ALL the difference in my recovery from a severe ankle sprain and fracture. I went to Novi Doctors of Physical Therapy because they had knowledge of roller derby and my long term goal was to skate again. The staff took the time to listen to me and my body to discover the extend of my injuries. They developed a plan that was ever evolving depending on my progress. I was challenged but never put in any pain. I felt like one of the family after only a few visits. I am skating again and doing better than ever. When something is hurting, I consult Dr. Burns or Dr. Sina first because they will find the problem and develop a recovery plan that works.Snarky Malarky, Ann Arbor Roller Derby

I’ve seen Dr. Burns and his staff for pulled muscles in my shoulder and groin, and for symptoms of whiplash. In all cases I was provided with a program of therapy that was uniquely suited for my injury, my body, and my lifestyle. Dr. Burns understands the desire of athletes to return to their sport and works with them to develop a plan that will get them back to playing as soon as possible. The atmosphere in the clinic is always positive and fun, and all of the staff are exceptionally helpful. I’m now facing surgery for an ACL repair and would not trust my recovery process to anyone else.Melissa McDonald, Detroit Roller Derby

I have been to Novi Doctors of Physical Therapy for a pulled rotator cuff and chronic nerve pain in my right leg. Dr. Burns and his staff have created a uniquely successful environment for mental, as well as, physical healing. Injury takes it’s toll on your mental game but I always leave his office with a smile on my face and a bright outlook on my recovery. They have worked with me in numerous sessions to get to the root of my pain and create a detailed care program that I can follow while at home. Dr. Burns and his staff have inspired me to learn more and take better care of my body. They have also taken tremendous care with my roller derby league and other leagues in the Metro Detroit area. They understand that as athlete’s, we don’t like to sit out, and work our recovery around our goal of playing at 100%, 100% of the time.Melissa “Monster” Renaud, Detroit Roller Derby

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P: (313) 833-1600 ext. 252
F: (248) 679-5397 Info@dptathletics.com
1680 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216

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